Keratin Hair Treatment Side Effects

We ladies want to look perfect all the time. We want to have the perfect skin, perfect body and of course perfect hair. At Natbeautytips, we focus on both inner and outer beauty of human body. We will tell you about great home remedies to get glowing skin and will also warn you about side effects of harmful chemicals and treatments. There are a whole range of cosmetic treatments and products in the market to beautify our looks.

Ladies spend a lot of effort and money in all those expensive cosmetic treatments. But are they really worth it? Today in this article, I am going to talk about keratin hair treatment and side effects of keratin hair treatment.  We have heard a lot about Keratin treatment. Your favorite celebs might have told you that their shiny, bouncy hair is all because of that miracle Keratin hair treatment they tried.

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What is Keratin hair treatment?

Well, Keratin is a protein. This protein is already present in your hair and nails too.

Keratin hair treatment is a chemical treatment in which the hair stylist applies a keratin hair straightening product on your hair and uses hot iron to seal it in. This treatment is not permanent and you need to do it again in about 3-4 months. Many popular salons provide Keratin hair treatment.



With Keratin hair treatment your hair becomes frizz free and straight. You don’t need to straighten your hair constantly. Keratin hair treatment also adds shine to your hair and they look beautiful.

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Keratin Hair Treatment Side Effects

Now, since we have understood what Keratin hair treatment is, let’s see if it’s all good or does it have some side effects too. There are many health problems related to keratin treatment.

  • Keratin hair treatment side effects may include hair loss. Many people have reported that they got beautiful friz free hair after the treatment but after some time they saw increase in the hair fall. Some people have also reported that their hair became visibly thin after receiving the Keratin hair treatment.
  • Some people have also complained that hair became dry and damaged after a few washes.
  • Keratin hair treatment contains use of formaldehyde. If you have a sensitive skin or allergic scalp then consult a dematologist before going for keratin hair treatment. Some people feel dry and itchy scalp after receiving the treatment.
  • Many salons say their treatment is “formaldehyde-free” but after investigation their kertain hair treatment contains formaldehyde. Many countries have banned keratin hair treatments because even after warning, salons use unsafe levels of formaldehyde.

I hope this article on side effects of Keratin hair treatment helps you in taking the right decision in your life. Think carefully and then go for such treatments. If you have any suggestions for me then please send me via comments.

Stay beautiful!

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