How to Treat Steam Burn, Burn Blisters, Scars Naturally

Dr. Nivedita   June 10, 2016   Comments Off on How to Treat Steam Burn, Burn Blisters, Scars Naturally

Burns are unfortunate. They damage the affected cells, cause pain, leave scar and blisters. Sometimes even worse than that. Steam burns are the burns sustained by harsh steam or high pressure steam. It is a common problem. People get steam burns from boiling water, hot kettle, pressure cooker or from other hot metals and hot liquids.

There are various types of steam burns. Most of the people get only 1st or 2nd degree steam burns where only the outer layer of skin called the epidermis is affected. It can be easily treated and healed. It is advised that you always go to the doctor if you or anyone in your family has got steam burn but if it is an odd hour or untill you see the doctor you can use some home remedies to ease the pain and minimize the burn damage. If it’s a severe steam burn, you have to take the patient to doctor immediately.

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steam burn

We have collected powerful home remedies to treat the steam burn and its blisters. It will also help in the removal of burn scar. Know the best thing for steam burns. You can also use these home remedies if your steam burn has been cured but you want to remove the burn scar.

10 Most Powerful Steam Burn Home Remedies

1. First Aid for Steam Burns

If some one has got a fresh steam burn then first aid is needed immediately. First aid is done to minimize the effect of steam burn on skin. First determine the type of burn and the condition of patient.

If the person is unconscious then call the ambulance and while the ambulance comes start performing CPR to the patient.

If the person is conscious then we perform the following first aid.

First Aid for Steam burn patient

  1. For smaller burns, dip the affected area into cold water. You can wash the area in cool running water untill the skin temperature returns to normal(for 20 minutes). If you do not do this then the burn would affect more cells. So, this is the first step in first aid for steam burn. Please note that if it’s a severe burn, you cannot dip the affected area in cold water. The person might go into shock.
  2. If cold water is not possible then try giving cold water compress on the steam burn region. Do not use iced water.
  3. The burn area might swell so, remove constrictive materials and clothing like ring, watch, jewellery or others. Do not remove the clothing that has got stick with the burn. Remove the clothing that has got soaked into boiling water or chemical that could do more damage.
  4. If there is a blister, do not pop it.
  5. Wrap the burn site with some non-stick material like scarf or a clean cloth.
  6. If the pain is very much then take a pain-killer like ibuprofen or acetaminophen to ease the pain.

First aid is the most important part in a fresh steam burn. You can control most of the damages here. If the burn is severe go to the emergency of local hospital. After the first aid, you should leave the burn for 24 hours.

2. Honey to treat mild steam burn

Honey has antibacterial and healing properties. It will not only help in healing the burn but would also help in healing the burn scar.

Take some honey and apply it directly on the steam burn area. It will cleanse the skin and heal the burn. Appy it several times a day.

honey to treat steam burn

honey to treat steam burn

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3. Aloe Vera to cure mild steam burn

Aloe vera has healing properties and it is best known to remove scars. Take some natural Aloe Vera gel and apply it on the burn. Use it several times a day to heal the steam burn scar.

4. Potato to treat mild steam burn

Potato has bleaching properties. It heals the skin and removes the scars soon.

Grate some potato and take out the juice and apply it over the burn scar. Potato helps in faster recovery of the burn. Apply it several times a day. You can also rub potato slice on the affected area.

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5. Milk to cure mild steam burn

Minor steam burns can also be treated by soaking the wound in milk. Dip the burn area in milk for about 15-20 minutes. You can also soak a cloth in milk and wrap it around the wound. Keep repeating the area for a few hours to get relief from steam burn and remove the scars.

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