Your Ultimate Daily Makeup Tutorial [Infographic]

Arunima Roy   September 20, 2016   Comments Off on Your Ultimate Daily Makeup Tutorial [Infographic]

I get a lot of queries from girls asking for tips on daily makeup. How can they look amazing everyday with minimum makeup or not much visible makeup. How can they look more naturally beautiful. Daily makeup tips for office going or working women.

Well, there are tricks with which you can hide your blemishes, dark circles or other facial imperfections with makeup and look naturally beautiful daily. You need to know a few things for a perfect daily makeup. Firstly, you need to select the right products for your skin type. Since you are going to wear this makeup daily so its better to use natural makeup products so that you will look beautiful without any side effects of harmful chemicals.

Here is how to know if a makeup product is actually natural or not.

How to wear Daily makeup for going to Office – Step by Step Guide

There are a few steps that you need to know and practice to hit that daily natural makeup routine. We have a very interesting infographic here which gives us an ultimate daily makeup tutorial with all the steps.

ultimate makeup guide

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Ultimate steps for daily makeup

Step 1. Prepare your face

This is the basic step before starting any kind of makeup. Properly cleanse your face with a gentle cleanser according to your skin type. Apply a toner as a base for your makeup. Toner is very important for those with oily skin, it keeps your makeup set for a longer time.

Step 2 : Apply moisturizer and eye cream

Next step is to apply a good moisturizer otherwise if your skin is dry it will only make it to produce more oil. Apply your eye cream to keep wrinkles and dark circles at bay.

Step 3 : Apply foundation

Invest in a good foundation that suits your skin type and skin tone. If you have oily skin then you should apply a mattfying foundation for your daily makeup. If you have dry skin or combination skin then go for a moisturizing foundation.

How to Apply Foundation Correctly – Important Tips

Step 4 : Concealer

Next comes in your concealer. Concealer is an important part of our daily makeup. Apply concealer to the area that needs to be concealed be it scars, pimples or dark circles.

Step 5 : Eye makeup

Apply eye makeup as per your face type and features. Eye shadow, eye liner and mascara everything you need to make your eyes look beautiful. As shown in the infographic, you should choose eye shadow color according to the color of your eyes and skin to wear the perfect daily makeup.

Step 6 : Lips

Now comes the beautiful lips. Make the lips even more beautiful by following the amazing tips shown in the infographic for perfect daily makeup. Please note that since you are looking for a natural daily makeup look so you should not wear a lip color too dark or too dramatic.

The infographic has shown the perfect steps to apply a lip liner and lipstick. There are also tips to make the lips look fuller and more naturally beautiful.

How to Apply Perfect Lipstick Like Celebs – Step by step tutorial

Step 6 : Highlighter

The final step is to highlight your features. Apply the highlighter by following the steps shown in the infographic and you are done.

I hope you liked this tutorial on how to wear daily makeup for office. If you liked the infographic then be generous and share this information with your friends and make their day.

Stay beautiful!

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