10 Most Beneficial Yoga Poses To Do Daily

In today’s time yoga is the most advanced form of alternative medicine which actually helps and is quite effective. Yoga poses or Asasana do not claim to be better than medicine yet but it claims to have physiological benefits of its own. Indeed it has been observed by the bystanders and persons practising yoga that Yoga poses actually reduce risk factors for a great many diseases and makes one healthy.

Yoga is said to be originated in ancient India dating as back as 5th or 6th century BCE. It is based on the theory that body has a spiritual component which if reached can practically heal almost everything. Research done regarding these claims have had mixed reports. Some of the researchers support these claims while others disregard these claims completely.

Beneficial Yoga Poses To Do Daily
Beneficial Yoga Poses To Do Daily

Nevertheless, Yoga poses are found to be extremely relaxing for body and mind if practiced as a routine. A simple 10 minutes of daily yoga can do wonders if you are doing it right. So, if you are looking to go for yoga, I would definitely advise you to start with these simple yet most Beneficial yoga poses or asana as the Indian gurus call them.

Best and Most Beneficial Yoga Poses To Go for

1. Mountain Pose Or Tadasana

Mountain Pose Or Tadasana  – Most Beneficial Yoga Poses
Mountain Pose Or Tadasana  – Most Beneficial Yoga Poses

Mountain pose or Tadasana is the most basic yet one of the most important Yoga poses. Most people see it as a simple standing but it actually is a little more. In fact this Yoga pose has direct benefit against medically identified sciatica and plantar fascitis. With its stretching exercise it strengthens rectus muscles and leg muscles.

Except for obvious caution for low blood pressure patients and patients with headache anyone can benefit from the tadasana. How to do this yoga pose? It is quite simple actually.

  • Stand with your arms by your side/up above your head and your feet on the ground. Do not favor weight on leg.
  • It is important that both your soles are touching the floor and your knees are locked and locked knee doesn’t mean that you have to lock them up with lock and key. It means they should be straight.
  • Now lift yourself up above the ground not lifting your soles. Do not bend your knees.
  • Stretch up your thighs, back, abdomen as much as you can. Hold yourself in this posture for a few seconds than come back to normal yet appropriate standing posture.
  •  All the while breathe easily and focus your gaze on your nose.

2. Tree Pose Or Vrikshasana

Tree Pose Or Vrikshasana – most beneficial yoga poses
Tree Pose Or Vrikshasana – most beneficial yoga poses

Recreating a living embodiment of tree, this yoga pose focuses on patience and growth from within. This poses aligns the three major joints of human body namely hip-joint, vertebrae and the one between head and spine. It helps in improving balance, posture, concentration etc. Meanwhile strengthening the leg muscles and increasing the range of motion at hip-joint.

It is quite simple yet difficult to master this Yoga pose. You start with Tadasana and gradually shift your weight on one leg. Important keys about this asana are :

  • Your sole(left sole in the image) should be on the floor whole time, it should not leave the floor contact.
  • Your hips should be open meaning the knee(right knee) up in the air should face the same side not the front.
  • Your foot(right foot) resting on the other limb should be directed downward and the axis of your body should be vertically aligned.
  • As for hands, they should be clasped together above head pointing directly upward.
  • A few precautions are advised like never to place the foot(right foot in this case) on the knee(left knee in this case) of opposite limb. Avoid doing this aasan in case of knee, ankle or spine injuries.
  • Finally, when you are in the pose, try to focus your gaze to a distant point, it will help you sharpen your eyesight.

3. Triangle Pose Or Trikonasana

Triangle Pose Or Trikonasana – most beneficial yoga poses
Triangle Pose Or Trikonasana – most beneficial yoga poses

For people who have been long addicted to a sedentary lifestyle this is the perfect yogasana.Triangle pose aims to strengthen practically every major muscle in our body. It specially has beneficial effects against stomach related problems. It improves the general body posture and spine flexibility.

Any injury to hip or spine is major contradiction and one inflicted with such injuries should never try this. Follow these few key points to help your gastritis and acidity problem.Take the posture in image with your best understanding. Now a few points about this Yoga pose which should not go amiss.

  • Your palm should face downward and your forearms should be parallel to the ground.
  • Now try to touch your left shin with your left hand not bending your elbow and knee. If possible touch the floor. Your other arm should be vertically upward.
  • Touch your right shin with your right hand. Now repeat the procedure by changing legs position.
  • Now as per legs position. One of the leg and foot should be directing and extended outward while the other foot should be directed inward. Keep hip and heel of inward directed foot in a single line.

4. Squat Pose Or Malasana

Squat Pose Or Malasana – most beneficial yoga poses
Squat Pose Or Malasana – most beneficial yoga poses

Although initially seems like a simple squat position, it does have a little change in it. It is quite beneficial yoga pose for individuals with prolonged backache problem with no apparent injury. It stretches back muscles, calf muscle and pelvis. It is also helpful in pregnant females preparing for normal delivery as it stretches the pelvis and makes it more accommodating.

Trick to do squat pose is simple. Acquire squat position with your heels facing inward and toes facing outward. Your feet should be as apart as possible. Make sure your back is straight. Take Namaste position with your hands and there you have it ” The Squat Pose”. Avoid this yoga pose if you have a history of back or pelvis injury.

5. Pranayama Or Alternate Breathing

Pranayama Or Alternate Breathing – most beneficial yoga poses
Pranayama Or Alternate Breathing – most beneficial yoga poses

Quite famous and most spiritual of them all is the pranayama where you control your breathing movement by alternating breathing from each nostril. Pranayama is known to provide symptomatic relief in asthmatic patients. It also has benefits against stress. It helps improve focus and brain power.

Pranayama can be tricky. Although orthodox people will advice to go with traditional position for pranayama, yet experts suggest any comfortable position will do. Pranayama has a lot many forms and for mastering all of them you will require help of professional yoga expert. However one simple exercise can be practiced at home.

  • Take a comfortable position on floor.
  • Close one nostril with your index finger and take a long deep breath with the other one. Now gently release the breath slowly.
  • Now repeat the process with another nostril, for convenience sake use your thumb to close this nostril.
  • All this while focus on your breathing. It improves one’s attention span and memory.

6. Camel Pose Or Ustrasna

Camel Pose Or Ustrasna – most beneficial yoga poses
Camel Pose Or Ustrasna – most beneficial yoga poses

Camel pose basically aims at proper alignment of neck,spine and pelvis. It helps against neck troubles like neck spasm and also resolves backache. It can bring about revolutionary changes in one’s personality.

Camel pose is started out as kneeling before someone then move on to a backward bend. Following the bend trying to touch your heels with your not bending your elbows. Backward bend may be more challenging than it sounds so don’t give up if you fail to do so in one or two go. your breathing should be slow and deep all along the way.

7. Bridge Pose Or Setu Bandhasana

Bridge Pose Or Setu Bandhasana – most beneficial yoga poses
Bridge Pose Or Setu Bandhasana – most beneficial yoga poses

As the name suggests, we try to make a bridge in this Yoga pose with our body. It strengthens our gluteal muscles, leg muscles, thigh muscles and of course improves the back flexibility. Any person with back or hip injuries should not try to do this pose as it may aggravate the injury.

Start by lying flat on the yoga mat with arms on your side. Now bend your knees and place both your feet on the mat hip-width apart. Lift yourself up making sure your arms do not lose contact with floor. Start by lifting hip than back and finally the chest. Hold your breath in this position for a few seconds than breathe and go back to normal position.

8. Downward Facing Dog Pose Or Adho Mukha Svanasana

Downward Facing Dog Pose Or Adho Mukha Svanasana
Downward Facing Dog Pose Or Adho Mukha Svanasana

Unlike above mentioned asana this particular asana focuses on the upper body muscles like that of your chest and back. It strengthens these muscles and relieves any stress they might be going through. This freshly rejuvenating Yoga psoe is advised for improving immune system and blood circulation apart from its obvious benefits against fatigue.

In this yoga pose, we try to make an inverted V with our body. Lie down on the floor on your tummy. now lift up your hip and do as shown in image. Spread your fingers and hold your upper body weight on the hands while distributing as much weight as possible on your feet. A few points to remember while doing this are to keep your knee and elbow straight, there should be no bending. Your knees and elbow should be equidistant to each other at about 7 inches. Finally push the floor with your hand as much as you can and keep your back straight.

9. Headstand Or Shirshasana

Headstand Or Shirshasana – most beneficial yoga poses
Headstand Or Shirshasana – most beneficial yoga poses

This yoga pose is also referred as king of all the asana, shirsasana requires one to literally turn everything upside down. In this pose one stands lightly on his head with support of forearms. It is associated with increased blood circulation to brain and thus improved brain function. In stress, tension, anxiety, insomnia headstand is most commonly advised. It also improves memory and intelligence.

To master this pose may take days to weeks. You will of course need some one to hold you in case you fall. Start by kneeling down on your yoga mat. Now make a triangle with your arms and hands, a fairly small one. Support your head with hollow of your palm and gently raise your legs up until they are vertical. You are now in shirshasana. Inhale and keep your back straight.

10. Corpse Pose Or Savasana

Corpse Pose Or Savasana – most beneficial yoga poses
Corpse Pose Or Savasana – most beneficial yoga poses

Corpse pose may be the most relaxing and often overlooked pose of all the asana.  After a sufficiently fulfilling yoga practice savasana is the perfect way to end it. It gives the body a chance to relax and come back to it normal self. The benefit it claims are numerous. It helps against hypertension, anxiety, tachycardia, boosts memory and focus. You should never ever leave a yoga practice without corpse pose.

What you have to do? Nothing. Yes, the whole of this asana is to relax and make a spiritual connection between body and mind. Lie down on the floor and relax. Do nothing. Take deep long breaths. Focus on breathing and let everything go.

These were a few top-notch most beneficial yoga poses which help every single muscle of the body. If you find difficulty doing any of these poses then don’t force them on, instead, find the help of professional. Once these yoga poses becomes a part of your routine, your entire view of life is gonna change.

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