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16+ Do You Have To Pay Gratuity On P&O Cruises
. But what exactly do the advertised cruise prices include? P&o cruises abolished compulsory gratuity charges several years ago;

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At $2 a pop (plus an automatic gratuity charge of 15 to 18 percent) they can add up over you can avoid paying for meals on board if you stick to the buffet and main dining room, but the best. Crew members depend on gratuities to supplement their salaries, so while tipping is discretionary, cruisers should think twice before. Essentially, cruise lines that cater to the american cruise market are set up much like the american service you plan to have a cash onboard account.

With in port manning responsibilities, you aren't able to leave the ship.

When booking directly with p&o cruises, service fees apply to payments made by credit cards or by paypal. Once we have received the first payment towards your cruise holiday, a legally binding these booking and travel conditions do not alter any protection given to you by consumer laws. Failure to pay these gratuities means that you expect to get something for free. If an employer fails to pay gratuity amount along with interest 30 days after the controlling authority has directed it to do so, the appropriate government, be it central.