9 Ways to Cut An Onion Without Crying

We all have been there, cutting an onion and shedding tears, every single time. So many recipes need onions as a basic ingredient and we need to chop at least one onion daily to make delicious food items.

I have noticed that many people are quite resistant to this phenomenon. They can cut a lot of onions without shedding any single tear. But if you the one who cries every single time when you cut onion then I have some tested solutions for you to cut onions without crying. I was also like you. I just couldn’t cut a single onion without crying but now I can cut as many onions as I need without shedding tears.

how to cut an onion without crying
how to cut an onion without crying

I have listed 9 different ways to cut an onion without crying. I have tested all of these methods by myself and they are full proof and they work.

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Why do people cry while cutting onions?

Onions are loaded with sulfur. They get it from the soil. When we cut the onion, many cells are broken under pressure with a sharp knife they release amino acid sulfoxides. This gas travels through air and reacts with water to form sulfenic acid.

This water is in your eyes and thus when you are cutting onions you have sulfenic acid in your eyes and that’s why it burns and you start crying.

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How to cut onions without crying

I have listed 9 different ways to cut onions without crying. You can choose anyone that suits you.

1. Run a fan to blow away the fumes

When you cut the onion, an enzyme is released which turns into fumes of amino acid sulfoxides. These fumes react with water in your eyes and create sulfenic acid. Run a fan while cutting the onions. This will blow away the fumes and they won’t reach your eyes and you can cut all the onions without crying. You can also try cutting under kitchen vent or exhaust fan.

Run a fan to blow away the fumes
Run a fan to blow away the fumes

2. Wear Swimming Goggles to avoid tears

This one is my favorite because it makes you look creative 😛 It is the most foolproof option to avoid tears while cutting onions. You can use chemistry lab goggles too if you have them. Wear them and cut the onions. The fumes cannot enter your eyes now and you can cut all the onions you want.

Although, this method won’t work if you already have glasses.

wear swimming goggles while cutting onions
wear swimming goggles while cutting onions

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3. Cut onion in water

Another full proof method to cut onions without crying.

You can either fill a bowl in water, dip the onion in water and cut it inside water. Or you can also cut the onion under running water. This way the fumes don’t reach your eyes and you don’t cry. However, I find it a little difficult to achieve but if you can do it right then your problem is solved. The bits of onion are difficult to hold and they move around everywhere.

cut the onion under water
cut the onion under water

4. Breathe through your mouth while cutting onions

When you are cutting onions, breathe through your mouth and stick your tongue out. This way the fumes won’t reach your eyes. The fumes will go to your wet tongue and you will avoid tears.

5. Put the onions in freezer

Put the onions in your freezer 15 minutes before you cut them. This will reduce the amount of acid enzyme released by the onions and it will have no effect on taste. Since the enzyme reduces its effect will also decrease.

However, do not put the onions in the freezer for too long. Also, do not keep them near your fruits or other vegetables.

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6. Light a candle or flame

You can light a candle or a flame nearby and the irritating enzymes will go away from your eyes towards the flame. When I tested this method, I was already cooking something and the flame stove did this job.

light candle while cutting onions
light candle while cutting onions

7. Use a very sharp knife while cutting onions

The point is that a sharp knife will make sharp cuts in the onions and it won’t crush more cells. If less number of cells are crushed then less amount of enzyme will release and it won’t affect your eyes that much.

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8. Stick a piece of bread in your mouth

Hang out a little bread out of your mouth while cutting the onions. The bread will soak the fumes and they won’t reach your eyes.

Some people also report that chewing or eating while cutting onions also works.

stick bread in your mouth
stick bread in your mouth

9. Vinegar/ Salt treatment

Rub some vinegar on the chopping board before cutting the onion. It will denature the enzyme and thus it won’t make you cry. You can also soak onion in salt water. Salt water is ionic and it will denature the enzymes. Please note that this will affect the flavor of onions. Use this method only if you have no problem with changed flavor.

I hope my article help on how to cut onions without crying will help you. If you want to add something to this article then please use the comments box below.

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