How to Apply False Eye Lashes – Step by Step Tutorial for Beginners

Long eyelashes is a sign of beauty. Long luscious eye lashes make our eyes look larger and more beautiful. Did you ever wanted to have long, curved eyelashes. We see celebrities with pretty eyes, long curved eyelashes and we long for them. The beauty of eyes adds another dimension to the overall beauty of face.

Well, you can have those pretty, long eyelashes too. There are two ways : you can either try to make your natural eyelashes grow long or you can wear false ones. Trust me, most of the celebs use the second option for long eyelashes. There are ways to grow your eyelashes long but if you want an instant fix then go for artificial eyelashes. They look very much natural and beautiful.

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how to apply false eyelashes yourself
how to apply false eyelashes yourself

If you want to apply false eyelashes then go ahead but also note that you need to have some knowledge of it beforehand on how to apply false eye lashes properly. We are going to help you in getting this done right. We are explaining how to apply false eye lashes properly step by step. Please read carefully, it’s very easy and you can master it in 2 or 3 attempts.

How to Apply False Eye Lashes – Step by Step Tutorial

1. Find the right false eye lashes for your eye shape

False eye lashes come in many variations. They come in different colors and sizes. You can get them from departmental stores. So, you first need to decide what color and what size you want. You can also trim them to fit your requirements. It should be comfortable. You can strip a little from the corners so that they do not poke your eyes.

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False Eye Lashes
False Eye Lashes

2. Collect all the material

Yes, keep all the materials ready before you start applying the eye lashes. There is not a long list of thing you would need but you need a lash adhesive to stick the false eye lashes above your eyelids and a pair of tweezers. Lash glue comes in two colors – white and black. You should start with white glue because if you make any mistake it can be easily forgiven but it is hard to hide your mistake with black glue.

Trim and size your eye lashes as you want. You may also slice it and take out individual lash at a different length to make it look more natural. For starters, you should apply the full length at once because it is difficult to apply individual eye lash in the beginning.

False Eye Lashes glue
False Eye Lashes glue

2. Prepare the eyes for false eye lashes

Prepare your eyes to get ready for false eye lashes. Make sure your eyes and eyelids are clean. Use eyelash curler to curl your natural eye lashes.

Apply an eyeliner (liquid or pencil) on the lash roots.

eye liner
eye liner

3. Applying the False Eye Lashes

If you want to apply the full set of eye lashes at once then apply little drops of glue on the eye lashes. Take the tweezers and stick the glued side of eye lash to the root of your eye lashes. Try to apply the false eye lashes as close to the root as possible.

Hold the eye lashes in place using your fingers. If you find the lash is longer in size then take them off and trim them. You can also use a Q-tip to hold the false lash in place.

4. Apply Mascara

Once you are done with placing the eye lashes. Next comes the mascara. Apply the mascara to integrate your natural eye lashes with the false ones. To make them look one.

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5. Fill any visible gap with eye liner

If there is any visible gap left behind near the roots then apply a layer of eye liner to fill the gap and to hide any sign of false lashes.

6. How to Remove False Eye Lashes

Once you are done with your day, now the time is to remove those false eye lashes safely and carefully. You need to remove your false lashes before taking off your whole makeup.

Buy a good eye makeup remover from a departmental store. It’s available with online retailers too. Apply a little amount of eye makeup remover on the roots of eye lashes and massage it gently. Your false eye lashes should slip out easily.

How to Apply False Eye Lashes Easily – Step by Step Guide

Hope this article on how to apply false eye lashes helped you. If you have any questions then feel free to use comment box.

Stay beautiful!

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