21 Beauty And Health Benefits Of Lemon You Should Know

Lemons are very common household ingredients. We can use lemons in cooking or in making cocktails. Lemon is just not a tangy fruit which can change the flavor but has many amazing benefits.

Lemon is a citrus fruit. Which means it has a high amount of vitamin C. It contains very less amount of calories and apart from vitamin C it also has calcium, potassium, pectin fiber and traces of vitamin A, phosphorus, iron and magnesium. Lemon is antibacterial and antiseptic in nature and can fight a lot of infections.

Lemon water freshens our mood and we start feeling better but that’s not the only use of lemon you can find. This amazing natural ingredient has countless benefits to offer. Lemon can make your face glow, remove marks, add shine to your hair, boost immunity, delay signs of ageing and can regulate your blood pressure.

beauty and health benefits of lemon
beauty and health benefits of lemon

Looking at the countless benefits of this generous fruit, I have dedicated this whole page to describing the benefits of lemon for beauty and health.

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Beauty, Skin, Hair and Health Benefits of Lemon

1. Lemon Water to flush out toxins

Since lemon has antibacterial properties and it is loaded with anti-oxidants it can clean waste out of your system. Drinking a glass of warm lemon water daily in the morning is the most natural and easy way to detoxify your body. It will flush out the toxins from our body and make us clean inside out.

2. Lemon to get glowing skin

Beauty benefits of lemon are amazing. You can use lemon to bring a glow to your face. Lemons have natural bleaching properties. It can lighten your skin color, repair sun damage and lighten the appearance of marks.

Take a fresh lemon and squeeze our its juice. Rub the fresh lemon juice on your face. Massage it for 4-5 minutes and wash off. Do this daily and you will see the visible difference in your skin tone. Your skin will become more soft and glowing.

If you have sensitive skin then do not use lemon directly on your face. Add some rose-water or honey to lemon juice and then apply it.

Lemon to get glowing skin
Lemon to get glowing skin

3. Lemon for anti-ageing

The high levels of anti-oxidants in lemon fights free radicals and delay the signs of ageing. Free radicals are the main reason behind ageing. Free radical decreases our skin’s cell renewal capacity. Anti-oxidants fight these free radicals and improves our cell regeneration capacity.

Regular intake of lemon water will decrease wrinkles, fine lines and delay ageing.

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4. Lemon boosts our immune system

The high amount of Vitamin C present in lemon strengthens our disease resistance power. Our body’s ability to fight diseases and infections is increased. It also relieves stress and calms us down.

5. Lemon helps you lose weight

Not only lemon removes all the toxins from your system and fights bad cholesterol but the pectin fiber present in lemon fights hunger cravings so you eat less.

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Benefit of lemon in losing weight
Benefit of lemon in losing weight

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6. To cleanse liver

Lemon has citric acid which increases the production of bile juices. Bile juices remove the toxins out of liver and cleanses it.

7. Lemon reduces joint pain and inflammation

Lemon can dissolve uric acid. Uric acid is the main reason behind inflammation in joints. It can also relive muscle pain.

8. Viral infection? Try lemon water

Lemon increases your body’s immunity. Also, virus cannot survive in hot temperatures. So, next time you have a viral infection drink a glass of lemon water and you will feel better.

treat viral infection with lemon
treat viral infection with lemon

9. Lemon increases brain power

The potassium present in lemon increases our neuron functions. It nourishes our brain cells and improves memory.

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10. Lemon improves digestion

Another great health benefit of lemons. Bad digestion can invite a lot of diseases. Lemon relieves us from indigestion, bloating stomach and even burping. It removes toxins from digestive tract and improves food absorption and utilization.

11. To treat sore throat

Since lemon has anti-inflammatory properties so, it can help in sore throat and tonsil formation. It can also provide relief in heartburn.

treat sore throat with lemon
treat sore throat with lemon

12. Lemon for instant energy boost

Feeling tired? Drink a glass of lemon water to get that instant energy boost and improve mood.

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13. Lemon treats depression

Anxiety and depression in a person is linked with lack of potassium. Lemon provides the required potassium which improves nerve cell’s activity and cures depression.

14. Lips exfoliator

Lemon juice can be used to exfoliate lips. Apply lemon juice to your lips in the night and wash away in the morning. It will remove the dried and dead cells from lips and make them more plump.

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15. To get rid of smell of sweat

Since lemon is anti fungal and anti bacterial in nature it can eliminate the foul smell of sweat. In ancient times, women used to scrub underarms with lemons to get rid of that smell.

You can use it in your bath water. Squeeze a lemon and add its juice to the bath water to get rid of the foul smell.

To get rid of smell of sweat
To get rid of smell of sweat

16. Lemon improves bowel movements

Lemon water removes toxins from our system and improves digestion which in turn improves bowel movements.

17. Prevent kidney stones

Consumption of lemon water daily increases the citrate level of urine which prevents the formation of calcium stones in kidney.

18. Lemon to bleach dark elbow and knee

Our elbow and knee are relatively darker in color then the rest of skin. Rubbing elbow and knee with lemon or lemon peels regularly would lighten the area.

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treat dark elbow with lemon
treat dark elbow with lemon

19. Lemon water regulates blood pressure

Studies have shown that drinking lemon water daily controls blood pressure. It decreases high blood pressure.

20. Lemon to whiten teeth

Use lemon as an alternative to whiten teeth then going to the dentist. Make a paste of lemon juice and baking soda and rub it on your teeth. Brush gently for 3-4 minutes. Use this home treatment regularly to fight germs and whiten teeth.

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21. Lemon to control excess oil

Those with oily skin may find lemon as a boon. Rubbing lemon on your face every second day will not only lighten the complexion but will also reduce the appearance of large pores and control excess oil.

I hope my article on health & beauty benefits of lemon would help you squeeze out all the goodness of lemon. Consuming a lemon or two in a day is good for your health. However, always remember an excess of anything is bad. Overconsumption might also create some problems. If you have any query just let me know through comments.

Stay beautiful!

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