How To Treat A Burn From Boiling Water Or A Hot Pan

A burn from boiling water or hot pan is quite common in homes these days, especially in those with babies and children. No matter how much careful you are, someone eventually gets injured. What to do in such scenario? what to do when you are looking a burn injury in one of your family members?

Answers to these questions are very simple yet often unknown to us. One can never be too careful in these situations, so the first thing to do is always be careful while handling hot water or hot pan. If possible keep these out of children’s reach. Make your home baby proof. Keep your baby out of your kitchen.

How To Treat A Burn From Boiling Water Or A Hot Pan
How To Treat A Burn From Boiling Water Or A Hot Pan

Even after all this, you may find yourself facing such an unfortunate accident. As I said burn from boiling water is too common. Do not panic and follow these simple steps to treat burn from boiling water or hot pan.

When To Treat A Scald

Scald by definition is the injury owing to hot liquid or steam. A burn injury caused by steam is often worse because steam carries a lot of latent heat with it and thus damages deeper tissues. Injury with hot liquid like boiling water can also be serious.

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how to treat burn
how to treat burn

While looking at a scald, the first thing you need to know is what degree of burn is it? While first or second-degree burn can be managed at home, a third-degree burn requires immediate doctor’s attention. Next thing to notice is how much of the body surface area is affected. More the body surface area is affected, more are the chances of a person going into shock. Anything more than 2-3 inches can be serious. Another important thing to notice is if the burn involves a joint or face, this can be serious as burn results in contracture which can disable joint mobility.

In all these cases you need to consult a burn specialist and do as per his advice. In cases where it is a first-degree burn, not invading the deeper layer of tissues, involving a small region and distant from any joint – you can treat them at home.

How To Treat A Burn From Boiling Water

When dealing with burn with boiling water at home there are a few things to remember. One and utmost importance of them is to stay calm and in control. Now look out for following things:

  • Is the person conscious? If their airway, breathing, and circulation are intact? These questions are quite simple but we often forget to look for these. God forbid but you never know when you might end up having such an accident. If you get an alarming answer to these questions then do no delay and immediately rush to the emergency.
  • If the answer to all the question is yes, then look If the burn is a small one or a large one? Is it involving any joint or face? Is it a third-degree burn?  A third-degree burn is often white or charred looking, and patient has relatively less pain compared to the extent of the burn. A first-degree burn on the hand is red, painful and may have blisters. If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then keep the burn under running water for 5-10 minutes. Wrap the burn with clean bandage and rush to the emergency. If possible give as much water as you can to the burn victim. He might be low on fluids.
  • If the answer to the above questions is no and you are facing a small, first degree burn then get your tools, it’s time to be your personal doctor:

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Move Away From The Source Of Burn

This probably is the basic instinct in a human being and probably nobody forgets to do so. Still, it is worth mentioning. Quickly remove the exposure of heat as longer exposure leads to tissue damage at deeper levels. Once the source is removed then remove any clothing or jewelry present in the affected area. If the tissue has adhered with clothing/jewelry then do not force it away. Now look for all the above mentioned aspects of a burn, assess the injury and act accordingly.

Burn From Hot Pan
Burn From Hot Pan

Cool Down The Heat

Place the injured region under running tap water or use water with the normal temperature at least for 20 minutes. It will not only bring down the temperature but will also wash down the dirt and possible infectious agents. I can not stress enough on not to use ice or chilled water for this. Ice reduces the blood supply to the burned area by constricting the blood vessels, which in turn does more harm than good as healing depends on a great lot of the blood supply of the tissue.

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Place Burn Under Running Water
Place Burn Under Running Water

Use Home Available Remedies to treat burn from boiling water

There are many home remedies effective against a burn which can be found at home. A few of these are the application of aloe vera, honey, black tea etc. Choose one of these wisely and apply it topically on the burn wound. Make sure you do not rupture the blisters while applying aloe vera. Bursting the blister invites the infection in the burn –  most common complication of a burn.

Aloe vera to treat burn
Aloe vera to treat burn

Home remedies to treat burn and blisters

Wrap The Burn Wound

After this take a clean, sterile if possible, bandage and wrap it over the burn wound loosely. Make sure that bandage is not too tight. Change the bandage 2-3 times a day and look for any sign of infection. Signs of infections are fever, pus oozing out from the burn. Meanwhile, load up the patient with fluids. It is quite common to have a fluid deficiency in burn patients so drink as much juice, water as you can.

Wrap The Burn Wound to treat burn
Wrap The Burn Wound to treat burn

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Take Care Of Pain

A first-degree burn due to boiling water, hot pan or steam can be very painful. Not as painful as a second-degree burn but quite painful. Most of the time local home remedies will take care of the pain and you want anything extra for it. In cases where the pain is too much or unbearable, you can take painkillers like ibuprofen or naproxen for pain. Such cases should consult with a doctor as severe pain may mean a large second-degree burn.

Pain Medication for burn
Pain Medication for burn

A Typical first degree burn does not scar and often heals by the end of the first week completely. You just need to follow the simple advice and take precautions and you won’t even know it was there.

I hope this detailed article on how to treat burn from boiling water or pan would help you. Please share it with others too.

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