Ways of Exfoliating

For most of us, daily life means commuting to our places of work or schools – or both – through a cityscape filled to the brim with soot and gases of varying degrees designed to burn us all in an all-engulfing blaze of polluting miasma. This could mean hell for our skin cells. Skin cells cover all of the outermost parts of your body so they are the most vulnerable to everything from sunlight to pollution. Our skin, like any other organ, has self-sufficient mechanisms to counter the effects of these, but those mechanisms were not evolved for the day-to-day struggles of modern urban life; at best, they evolved for the day-to-day struggles of a hunter-gatherer society with no concept of fire or anything more advanced than a rock on a stick. In order to fulfill your body’s needs, you need to put in a small amount of effort.

Exfoliating is the process by which one can get rid of the layer of dead cells at the top of one’s skin. This process can be by done as simply as shaving, but there are relatively more complex procedures involved that require chemical scrubs or trained professionals. Here is a list of some of these processes that could come in handy when one has to take care of oneself. To learn more about skincare click this link.

Bristled brushes:

This procedure involves a bristled brush with medium to hard bristles. You can get the brush easily at any convenient store, however, it is important to remember to get a handle long enough to reach one’s extremities. Keep a circular motion when the skin is still moisturized after a shower. This is a fairly easy procedure and all it requires is one tool.

Skin cleansers:

This procedure can be done by one person alone with a chemical scrub. First, we apply the scrub gently in a circular motion, then we let the skin absorb the chemicals for a while so that the glue-like substance between the cells relaxes and your skin loosens up enough for the finer particles stuck in between the cells can be gotten rid of.  This also leaves your pores open so your skin feels fresh afterward. This procedure can be maintained regularly to achieve the results for a longer amount of time and having a fresher skin as a whole.

There are, however, certain downsides to this procedure as some of the more sensitive skinned people might not be able to handle the chemicals. It is, therefore, necessary to first try the scrub in a circular motion on a small portion of the face in order to see if it causes unusual irritation. If it does, one should avoid that as that may cause permanent damage to the skin.

The proper procedure to use a skin cleanser would be to take a wet warm cloth and place it on your face for a while. This helps in easing up the skin and opening up your pores for a cleaner, fresher face. After the initial layer of dust and finer dead skin has been cleansed off, you must take the cleanser (just a smidge would do) on a clean cloth and gently apply it to your face. Rubbing the cleanser in a circular motion for a while to let it spread out over one’s skin is a pretty efficient way of doing that. In the end, rinse your face with warm water and clean it off with a clean cloth. Adding this process to your weekly routine by doing it twice weekly can actually help your skin feel fresher and younger.


This is a product made of natural sponge which helps to rub the outer layer of the skin without causing irritation or skin damage. These products are designed to be used in the shower to exfoliate one’s skin. These products are not recommended for facial use.

Exfoliating is also a key process in curbing acne outbursts and preventing acne from persisting. However, as mentioned in some procedures above, there are some skin types who cannot handle these chemicals and might be permanently damaged. There are some types of acne that cannot be cured with exfoliating alone, these could be genetic and you might have to go to a dermatologist for that.

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